Oahu's only C&D landfill and recycling facility

The PVT Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility is Oahu’s only construction and demolition (C&D) landfill. It plays a vital role in Hawaii’s economy as the only location on Oahu where debris from construction projects, storms, and other sources can be disposed of safely and securely.

Over the past decade, the facility has experienced a dramatic transformation. Before it was primarily a landfill. Today it is one of the most efficient integrated waste management facilities in the country. Instead of burying debris, the focus now is on recycling the majority of what enters the facility and processing as much as possible as feedstock for energy production.

In summer 2014, a new recycling system increased the facility’s processing capacity by 300 percent. PVT can now process up to 1,775 tons of debris daily and divert up to 80 percent of that 1,420 tons for reuse and recycling rather than add it to the landfill.

PVT is committed to creating a more sustainable Hawaii. To that end, we’re supporting architects and contractors that want to become LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified by the U.S. Green Building Council by salvaging, reusing and recycling debris that they bring to the facility.

Industry best practices extend to all aspects of the facility’s operations and infrastructure, including $3.5 million spent on dust mitigation, a high capacity storm water management system that is rated to withstand a 100-year storm, and a network of paved roads with drainage ports that prevent erosion and manage water run-off.

PVT is committed to creating a company culture where employees understand and respect the value of protecting the environment. By complying with government regulations and permit requirements, and constantly striving to improve our operations, policies and procedures our actions reflect this commitment. Environmental responsibility, safety, and community involvement are the guiding principles at PVT.