3.11.11 PVT Upgrades Landfill in Response to NOAA Forecast for Active La Nina Conditions

PVT Upgrades Landfill in Response to NOAA Forecast for Active La Nina Conditions

Prompt action reduces the impact of nine inches of rain

March 1, 2011


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NANAKULI, OAHU, HAWAII–When the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a forecast in October 2010 for more active than normal La Nina conditions in the eastern Pacific it meant more rain than normal could be expected in Hawaii.

Forewarned by NOAA, PVT Land spent $300,000 to quickly finish work on its interior roads and complete upgrades to its storm water system, which is a critical safeguard during heavy weather.

The money was well spent—and work was done just in time.  The Waianae Coast typically receives ten to 14 inches of rain per year.  To date, the area has received 18 inches and it’s only halfway through the rainy season.  Accurate, actionable information from NOAA enabled PVT Land to mitigate the effect of nine inches of rain that fell in a two-day period.

“NOAA wonders if anyone makes use of the information they provide,” said Steve Joseph, vice president of PVT Land Co., Ltd.  “Now they know.  We took the NOAA forecast to heart, and because we did we were prepared for the heavy rain when it came.”

And it isn’t just PVT that benefited.  When a landfill is forced to close, it affects the operations of construction companies, trucking companies, and the lives of the people who work for or with them.  Overall, the impact can inflict serious damage to Oahu’s economy and result in millions of dollars in lost revenue from projects that are postponed or shut down entirely.

PVT Land Company, Ltd. operates an integrated solid waste management facility composed of a landfill and a reclamation/recycling system in Nanakuli, Oahu.  The company only accepts construction and demolition debris for recycling and disposal.