Feedstock Factsheet

PVT Feedstock Production

  • Oahu generates roughly 1.7 million tons of waste each year.  About 30 percent of this–510,000 tons–is construction and demolition (C&D) debris.
  • At capacity, the PVT recycling system can process about 900 tons of feedstock per day from C&D debris–about 235,000 tons per year of renewable fuel that would otherwise be placed in the landfill.
  • The feedstock will be used as fuel by a gasification facility being planned by Honua Power LLC, as well as by H-Power and other power generators.
  • Honua will burn PVT feedstock to create synthetic gas.  The gas will drive electrical turbines that will generate 12 MW of electric power that will be purchased by Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) for distribution to consumers.
  • Feedstock from PVT will reduce the amount of imported oil consumed to produce electricity on Oahu by about 177,000 barrels per year.
  • Reducing imported oil imports by 177,000 barrels means roughly $17.2 million will remain in Hawaii’s economy every year rather than being paid to foreign oil producers.
  • PVT feedstock will produce enough power for approximately 12,000 homes.
  • Use of feedstock instead of imported oil will provide secure and reliable renewable energy to our grid, and help fix our price for electricity on something other than imported oil.  The money we save stays in our economy and provides jobs for Hawaii.
  • Turning C&D debris into feedstock will help HECO and the State of Hawaii meet their goal of increasing the use of renewable fuel sources to 40 percent by 2030 as stipulated by the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative.
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