Recycling Factsheet

PVT Reclamation and Recycling System

Fueling Oahu’s Renewable Energy Needs

Reclamation and Recycling

The PVT Reclamation and Recycling System is the latest addition to the PVT Land Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility and landfill. The system enables up to 80 percent of debris that would ordinarily be buried in the landfill to be converted into feedstock for use in energy production.

Materials Recycling

Each day, trucks offload about 1,775 tons of construction debris at PVT. The vast majority of these materials, wood, metals, concrete, asphalt, and other debris,are processed through the system for reuse and recycling.

Recycling System Facts

  • About 50 percent of debris entering the facility is processed into feedstock
  • Additional 50 percent of debris entering the facility is also processed for recycling and reuse, including metals and concrete
  • Less than 20 percent of debris is actually diverted to the landfill
  • Debris that would ordinarily be buried in the landfill is reduced by 80 percent
  • Up to 80 percent of materials buried previously in the landfill can be reclaimed from the landfill and recycled into feedstock

PVT Land Reclamation and Recycling System Capabilities

  • Processes more than 1,775 tons of debris per day at full capacity
  • Produces up to 900 tons of feedstock per day
  • Recycles up to 42 tons of metals per day, copper, aluminum, ferrous metals
  • Recycles up to 800 tons of concrete, rock, and dirt per day

What is feedstock?

  • Feedstock is wood, plastic, paper, cloth and other materials suitable for gasification
  • Suitable materials are separated, crushed and shredded into pieces four inches or smaller in size
  • Feedstock will be shipped to a gasification facility or other energy producers where it can be burned in a process that manufactures synthetic gas
  • A gasification facility is planned by Honua Power LLC for Campbell Industrial Park within the next two years
  • PVT is stockpiling feedstock until it can be used

Products created through gasification

Related benefits: The PVT feedstock production line created 20 new full-time jobs for people in the surrounding community; The facility was built privately and did not require taxpayer funding LEED Certification For companies that request it, PVT tracks the percentage of debris that is brought to the facility and recycled. This enables companies, developers, contractors, and architects, to earn points toward LEED certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, which includes the disposal of construction and demolition waste.

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