Recycling Process Factsheet


The PVT Reclamation and Recycling System is the latest addition to the PVT Land Integrated Solid Waste Management Facility and landfill.  Each day, trucks offload about 1,775 tons of construction debris at PVT.  The vast majority of these materials, wood, metals, concrete, asphalt, and other debris, are processed through the system for reuse and recycling.

  • Excavators load debris into the feed conveyor, pulling out pieces of metal, concrete and wood that are too large to pass through the system.
  • A vibrating screen called a “taper slot” allows debris less than six inches in size to fall through onto an “unders” conveyor.  Debris over six inches in size continues to the “overs” conveyor.  Roughly 60 percent of debris is in the”overs” category.
  • At the top of the “unders” conveyor, a magnetic separator pulls anything magnetic, hinges, nails, bolts, and other metal pieces, from the conveyor and drops it into a metals bin.
  • A secondary taper slot separates dirt, rocks, broken glass and other pieces of debris that are less than one inch in size. These will be stockpiled and taken to the landfill.
  • Strong blasts of air lift lighter pieces of debris and allow heavy pieces to fall through to a conveyor that carries them to a waiting bin. Feedstock items continue on to the â”unders” sorting line.
  • On the “unders” sorting line, workers “clean and separate,” pulling pieces of rock, metal, and other materials from the feedstock debris stream.
  • Ferrous metal, aluminum, copper, and wire are all pulled and dropped into assigned bins.  The goal is to allow only debris suitable as feedstock to continue on to the grinder.
  • Feedstock debris drops onto the grinder feed conveyor.  Before it reaches the grinder, it will pass beneath yet another magnetic separator that will pull any magnetic items that slipped through.
  • On the “overs” sorting line, a team of ten sorts debris six inches in size and over, pulling metals and other materials from the debris stream.  These are dropped into bins below the sorting line for further recycling.
  • Debris suitable for feedstock is ground and shredded into pieces of uniform size and stockpiled for pickup.
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