Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)

Established in 1985, PVT ISWMF is the only C&D debris management facility on Oahu. Privately owned and operated, the PVT ISWMF is a critical component of the Oahu Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan and is designated as an area for disposal of disaster debris in the City’s disaster relief plan.

Over the past decade, PVT has changed its focus from landfilling, to recycling and generation of feedstock for renewable energy. PVT proposes to:

  1. Expand its recycling operations at the existing Materials Recycling Facility
  2. Increase the site grade on the mauka portion of the landfill to reach a maximum elevation of 255 ft. amsl
  3. Use renewable energy (gasification and solar energy) to provide power to the Materials Recycling Facility.

No changes in the horizontal boundaries of the landfill or to ongoing landfill operations are proposed. The Proposed Action would increase landfill capacity and increase the diversion of C&D waste from landfill disposal to recycling, both of which maximize the use of existing facilities.

PVT ISWMF Final EIS Document

This Final EIS (FEIS) provides a description of the existing environment, potential impacts, proposed minimization and mitigation measures to lessen adverse impacts of the Proposed Action and the alternatives. Volume I of the FEIS document is organized as follows:

  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – Project Description and Alternatives
  • Section 3 – Assessment of the Physical Environment, Potential Impacts, and Mitigation Measures
  • Section 4 – Assessment of Public Infrastructure and Services, Potential Impacts, and Mitigation Measures
  • Section 5 – Assessment of Archaeological, Cultural and Socio-Economic Resources, Potential Impact, and Mitigation Measures
  • Section 6 – Other Potential Impacts and Issues
  • Section 7 – Relationship to Land Use Plans and Policies
  • Section 8 – Consultation Process
  • Section 9 – Participants in the EIS Preparation Process
  • Section 10 – Comments on the Environmental Impact Statement Preparation Notice and Responses
  • Section 11 – Comments on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement and Responses
  • Section 12 – References

The technical studies and reports prepared for the FEIS are included as appendices in Volume II, as follows:

  • PVT ISWMF Operations Plan (Appendix A)
  • Geology, Hydrogeology and Water Quality Report (Appendix B)
  • Human Health Risk Assessment – Construction Debris Recycling and Material Recycling Facility (Appendix C)
  • Air Quality Impact Report (Appendix D)
  • Environmental Noise Assessment Report (Appendix E)
  • Biological Surveys Report (Appendix F)
  • Traffic Impact Analysis Report (Appendix G)
  • Archaeological Literature Review and Field Inspection Report (Appendix H)
  • Cultural Impact Assessment (Appendix I)
  • Socio-Economic Impact Assessment (Appendix J)
PVT Final EIS Appendices