Asbestos Containing Materials Special Conditions

1. All asbestos-containing materials (ACM) that are brought into the landfill are required to be prepared for disposal as though the ACM were friable (even if it has been determined to be non-friable).

2. All ACM must be thoroughly wet down or encapsulated prior to containment by the operator preparing the debris for disposal.

3. All ACM is to be double-bagged or double wrapped in a minimum of 6mm thick plastic. The operator shall make every reasonable effort to avoid the release of any ACM at the landfill.

4. All bagged or wrapped ACM must display asbestos hazard warning labels as well as labels that have the owner’s name, address and telephone number.

5. Any chemical (e.g. solvent used to remove VAT mastic) added to the ACM waste is required to be pre-approved by the landfill’s Operation’s Manager prior to acceptance for disposal.

6. All loads of ACM must be accompanied by a properly executed Asbestos Waste Shipment Record.

7. All other applicable State and Federal regulations concerning this waste stream must be met prior to acceptance of this waste stream for disposal. It is the responsibility of the generator to know and comply with these regulations.