Contaminated soil

Customers requesting to dispose of Petroleum-Contaminated Soil (PCS) must have required documents approved before disposal. In accordance with the Hawaii Department of Health, Office of Solid Waste Management permit RM-0029-95, only petroleum-contaminated soil from known sources can be accepted for treatment.  Allowable petroleum contaminants are limited to the following petroleum products: gasoline, diesel, or heavier oils. Soils containing TSCA regulated levels of polychlorinated biphenyl’s (PCBs) cannot be accepted for disposal. All requests for disposal must be arranged in advance by calling (808) 668-4561.  All loads will require a properly completed manifest for disposal.

To Open a Soil Remediation Account

  • Complete the general Landfill Agreement and other appropriate forms here
  • Fill out the Contaminated Soil Agreement form and fax it to 808-668-1368.
  • Complete the credit application package and fax it to 808-668-1368
  • Fill out Uniform Solid Waste Manifest and the Request for Clearance Number forms.
  • Call for clearance (808-668-4561) at least 24 hours prior to delivery.
  • Driver/hauler is required to bring a completed manifest and approved clearance number to enter the landfill.

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