LEED certification


LEED certification is a rating system administered by the U.S. Green Building Council to recognize best-in-class building strategies and practices, including those for waste disposal. Applied to construction and demolition, it awards points for the amount of construction debris that is reused, recycled, and otherwise diverted from entering the landfill.

PVT works with contractors and others who bring debris to our facility and want to earn points toward LEED certification.

Best-in-Class Building Strategies and Practices

The best way to earn LEED points is to deconstruct and salvage construction components, if possible, and recycle all other materials at PVT.  One to 3 points are earned for diverting 50, 75, and 95 percent of debris from the landfill.

To receive LEED points, the weight and volume of the different material types must be tracked and documented. For that, PVT issues a recycle report that can be used for LEED or other green building documentation, or kept on file for future use.


How does PVT Handle Construction Waste?

PVT operates Hawaii’s most advanced C&D recycling system.  It separates metal, rock and concrete, and various bio-convertible materials such as wood and plastic from every load of debris that’s brought to the facility.

Scrap metal ultimately finds its way to product manufacturers who recycle it for use in new products.  Bio-convertible debris can be used as feedstock.  Feedstock is currently being stockpiled until it can be used in energy production.  Concrete, asphalt, and clean dirt are recycled for on-site construction.

We all benefit by reducing the amount of land needed for disposal, the amount of non-renewable fuels to produce electricity, and reducing energy required to manufacture new products.

To learn more about LEED at PVT, please contact us at (808) 668-4561.  We’re here to help.


We have many projects with sustainability targets, like LEED certification. PVT makes it easy for us to achieve our sustainable construction goals.

Sherman Wong, Kiewit Building Group