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Concrete, Rock, & Dirt

For years, Hawaii has sought solutions to two critical issues affecting the sustainability of our island home.

The first is how to dispose of our refuse in an environmentally sensible and economically feasible way.  The second is to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels—and protect our environment—by increasing our use of clean, renewable energy resources.

The PVT recycling system can help accomplish both objectives.

The PVT landfill is specifically for disposal of construction and demolition debris.  It’s the only C&D landfill on the island, so when buildings and houses are torn down on Oahu, the debris ends up here.

Until a few years ago, wood, glass, metal, plastic, roofing materials, carpet, concrete, asphalt were buried in the landfill.  But the new PVT recycling system, which can process three times more debris than the smaller system it replaces, is giving this debris an important second life.

The vast majority of debris that enters the PVT facility is separated, crushed, or shredded for reuse or recycling.  Much of this debris—up to 900 tons each day—is processed for use as feedstock that can be used in a manufacturing process called gasification.  In gasification, the feedstock is burned to produce clean synthetic natural gas or liquid natural gas.  This can then be burned as a fuel to produce electricity.

The PVT recycling system is capable of processing up to 1,775 tons of debris each day at full capacity.  Of that, 42 tons are metals for recycling.  Concrete, rock and dirt account for 840 tons, and these, too can be recycled for use on roads at the facility.  The 900 tons of feedstock processed by the system each day is enough to produce three times more synthetic gas than is needed to power Honolulu for a day.

PVT is able to recycle up to 80 percent of the debris that enters the facility, with roughly 40 percent of that being available for use as feedstock.

By recycling and converting debris into feedstock for the production of energy, we reduce our dependence on landfills and fossil fuels, and enable the production of cleaner, more affordable renewable energy where we need it most—working for the people of Hawaii.

To view a video of the new PVT recycling system in action, click here.

PVT Recycling System