At Home on the West-Side

PVT supports activities and organizations that add value to the lives of residents of the Waianae Coast.

PVT sponsored the rededication of Nanakuli Beach Park as Kalaniana‘ole Park during a ceremony on the 145th anniversary of Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalaniana‘ole’s birthday.  PVT has also officially “adopted” the park and, along with the Waianae Coast Community Foundation, will help maintain it.

PVT also sponsored Waianae Sunset on the Beach and Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic at Makaha surfing beach. In addition, we are an annual sponsor of Kalaeloa Heritage Park. Known as Kualakai in ancient times, the Park is home to more than 177 relatively undisturbed archaeological features.

Nanakuli Marching Band

We also make a difference in small but not insignificant ways. For the new Waianae Police Station dedication, PVT provided two 30’ x 60’ tents for guest seating.  We’ve covered the cost of flu shots administered by the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center to the Waianae Coast’s homeless population.  Support also extends to the Boys and Girls Club of Nanakuli, the Malama Learning Center, and a host of parades, including the Waianae Christmas Parade and parades celebrating Little League World Champions and MMA champion Max Holloway.

There are many worthwhile causes on the Waianae Coast that deserve support. To learn more about our giving, please read our philanthropy policy.

Philanthropy Policy

PVT Land Company believes that education strengthens our communities and is the key to resiliency. To that end, we support academics and athletics at Waianae Coast schools, organized sports teams and clubs, and community and civic organizations. Priority is given to programs and activities that add value to the Waianae Coast and the quality of life of our residents.


In the Community

We support and participate in initiatives that add value to the lives of residents of the Waianae Coast, including our sponsorship of Buffalo’s Big Board Surfing Classic at Makaha surfing beach.


*Important Notices*

  • Effective May 13, 2024 entrance gates will remain closed until 6:30 a.m. All engines are to be shut off completely when waiting in line between the times of 6:30 a.m. and 7:00 a.m.
  • Effective October 2, 2023 we will no longer be accepting request for roofing clearances over the phone or via email. All requests must be submitted via our online clearance request form found here
  • Please remind your drivers and/or haulers that it is important for them to be courteous and considerate while driving their routes; Particularly on the landfill and though neighborhoods such as Nanakuli.
    • Do NOT speed or drive recklessly.
    • Do NOT overtake or cut in line on the landfill.
    • Do NOT "Jake Break" on lualualei Naval Road.
    • Do NOT use cellphones on PVT Property, except in "designated areas" to call dispatchers.
    • Cover all loads properly.
    • Secure all bin/trailer doors and gates.
    • Follow all posted safety signs at PVT.
    • Do NOT park on the shoulder of Lualualei Naval Road at any time.
    • Minimize dust problems.
    • Do NOT blast air horns unnecessarily.
    • STOP before exiting on to Lualualei Naval Road.
  • For our complete upcoming holiday schedule, please click here.