Open A Landfill Account

Follow the steps below to open a PVT Landfill account.

Forms may be submitted online or faxed to 808-668-1368.

Demolition Construction Waste Agreement Form

On approval your account will be opened on a COD basis.

Request for Clearance Number Form

Complete form online or fax it to 808-668-1368 when you are ready to use the landfill service.

Approval of clearance number requires approximately seven to 10 days.

Clearance Number Extension

Clearance numbers expire in six months. You must submit a new Request for Clearance Number form or a Clearance Number Extension form to access the landfill beyond the initial six-month period.

Additional Services Agreement

Transporter Authorization Form

If you are contracting with a transportation company to haul debris to the landfill, or wish to add additional haulers, you must submit a Transporter Authorization form that authorizes the transporter to charge to your account for debris brought to the landfill.

Your driver/hauler should use this number to enter the landfill.

Homeowner and Noncommercial User Agreement

Homeowners and noncommercial businesses must complete the Noncommercial User Agreement

Call PVT at 668-4561 for information about accessing the facility