We Have Answers.

Q. Where is PVT located?

A. PVT is in Nanakuli, a community on the Waianae Coast of the island of Oahu, Hawaii. Entrance to the facility is on Lualualei Naval Road, about one-quarter mile northeast of its intersection with Farrington Highway. From the main gate, the facility extends north for about one mile along Lualualei Road.


Q. How big is the PVT facility?

A. The facility is about 400 acres. Only a portion of that is engaged in landfill operations at any given time. The landfill face is located in the interior of the facility, more than a half-mile from any residential areas.


Q. What is a C&D landfill?

A. C&D stands for “Construction & Demolition”. The debris that PVT accepts comes almost entirely from construction and demolition projects.


Q. What area does PVT serve?

A. PVT serves the C&D landfill needs of the City & County of Honolulu, which is comprised of the entire island of Oahu, Hawaii, an area of 597 square miles with nearly one million residents. In addition, PVT accepts C&D waste shipped to Oahu from the North Pacific, including Midway Island and Johnson Atoll, and is the designated disposal site during natural disasters, such as hurricanes, that occur in the state.


Q. What kind of debris does PVT accept?

A. We accept non-hazardous materials from construction or demolition sites, which includes wood, metal, plastic, concrete, asphalt, glass, masonry, roofing, rock, dirt, boulders, and siding.


Q. Does PVT accept tires, appliances, or car parts?

A. No. Nor do we accept pesticides, medical waste and many household items that are classified as hazardous waste. See our complete list of prohibited materials.


Q. Can I bring items that I want to discard to PVT?

A. Yes, provided they’re on the list of C&D approved materials. Contact PVT ahead of time at 808-668-4561 to make sure your debris qualifies. The City & County operates nine drop-off stations on Oahu where you may take household rubbish for disposal and recycling free of charge.


Q. Does PVT accept asbestos?

A. Effective January1, 2021 PVT Land Company will no longer accept Asbestos Containing Material (ACM).


Q. How much debris does PVT recycle or reuse?

A. PVT processes up to 3,000 tons of debris each day for recycling and reuse. Whatever cannot be recycled or reused must go into the landfill.


Q. What is “feedstock?”

A. Feedstock is wood, plastic, paper, cloth and other materials that are suitable for bioconversion in a gasification process. These materials are separated, crushed and shredded into pieces about four inches or smaller in size. They can then be shipped to a gasification facility where they can be burned in a process that manufactures synthetic gas.


Q. How much feedstock can PVT produce?

A. Operating at full capacity, the PVT recycling system can process up to 560 tons of feedstock per day.


Q. PVT is digging up debris that is buried in the landfill. What’s that about?

A. The PVT landfill currently holds about 4.5 million cubic yards of C&D debris. Using its high-capacity recycling system, PVT can reclaim, process and reuse or recycle about 60 percent of that debris, much of which has been buried in the landfill since 1993. The reclamation project will be completed sometime after 2020.


Q. Do taxpayers have to pay for operations at the PVT facility?

A. No. Unlike Oahu’s municipal landfill, the PVT facility is privately owned and operated and requires no taxpayer funding. PVT Land Company Ltd. assumed ownership and management responsibility for the facility in 1989.