Hawaii’s largest recycler

7+ million recycled tons

Until a few years ago, wood, glass, metal, plastic, roofing materials, carpet, and even concrete were buried in the landfill. Today, PVT is Hawaii’s largest recycler by volume of those materials. More than 7 million tons are recycled at PVT every year.

A $4 million recycling system is the linchpin of our recycling operations. Affectionately known as the “Big Green Machine,” it helps PVT divert up to 80 percent of waste away from the landfill.

In a typical year, PVT will process about 47,679 tons of feedstock—primarily wood—for future use by energy producers. Recycling and converting waste to feedstock can help reduce our dependence on landfills and fossil fuels, and lead to the production of cleaner, more affordable renewable energy where we need it most—working for the people of Hawaii.

Materials recycled or reused also include non-ferrous metals and concrete and rock, which are crushed for road cover.

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